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Achieving World-Class Controls that Work with any ERP System

Automating these resource intensive processes enables Accounts Payable to focus their time on managing exceptions, improving supplier relationships and continuous improvement.

Automate invoice processing and set rules to resolve the exceptions. InvoiceMatching works with any Cloud ERP or S2P platform via the API, which means all data-checking, line-item matching and exception handling is done in real-time.

  • Any format/layout of XML, PDF and Paper Invoices
  • Extensive PO matching rules (simple to complex)
  • Automation rules for resolving exceptions
  • Automated coding of non-PO

Automate supplier statement reconciliation and resolution of exceptions. StatementMatching works with any ERP or S2P platform. StatementMatching closes the Accounts Payable loop to ensure ledgers are accurate.

  • Any format/layout of XML, PDF and Paper Invoices
  • Allocates overall status and status for each line
  • Automation rules for resolving exceptions
  • Invoice and payment status updates for suppliers

Automate the identifcation and prevention of duplicate payments. DuplicateMatching works with any ERP or S2P platform. Prevent duplicate payments at the earliest opportunity to avoid the expense of recovery.

  • Out of the box duplicate identification reports
  • Identify duplicates from previous day and prevent payment
  • Process to manage resolution of duplicates
  • Recover historic duplicate payments

Invoice Automation

Automating Accounts Payable processes and improving controls assures the integrity of your ledgers.

APMatching encapsulates 20 years experience delivering Accounts Payable Automation Services for Enterprise customers globally. We understand the value customers are looking to derive from our platform and we continually enhance that value by listening to the people who use it every day.

Automation of Accounts Payable is a journey and technology is an enabler, but our experience demonstrates that achieving World-Class Automation and Controls is a long-term partnership.


Statement recons and duplicate prevention

APMatching is available as a platform for our customers to use and we practice what we preach by using the platform to deliver managed services to our clients. Our contracts are all 30 days rolling with no minimum term and we do not charge for implementation, so we always have a vested interest in delivering customer success.

We love to demonstrate the end-to-end process using live systems and we offer a free Proof of Concept for each component of the platform, so read on to learn more about how APMatching could transform your Accounts Payable processes.

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AP Matching Reviews

What do our customers say?

In the past we have spent a lot of time reconciling statements using excel (VLookUp). This can take up hours of valuable time. Since using Statement-Matching we have found reconciling statements is so much easier and quicker! Our AP department improved prompt payment and ledger accuracy, with improved payment on time figures by 20%. It's really user friendly and the team enjoy using it.

Charlotte Line – Finance Controller – Unipart Group

Speed is the key, and the only way to achieve this while retaining accuracy was through automation. With, supplier statements are in our systems faster, exceptions are identified faster and the accounts payable team has time to resolve these because they are not spending time manually checking every entry. If everything on a statement matches, it is reconciled in seconds. Sophisticated but straightforward, just works.

Gary James – Finance Process Improvement Manager – TalkTalk

We used to manually check that every invoice listed on each statement was correct. Most required no further action, but the process was somewhat time-consuming and did not add value to the business. Using we are confident that our statement reconciliation is correct, without it requiring a labour intensive process. This frees up time for the accounts payable team, and is therefore a much more efficient way of working. The focus on electronic statements is also a significant step in our business becoming a paperless office.

Rita Westhorp – Accounts Payable Manager – Johnson Matthey