Accounts payable can be a challenging environment, especially if you haven’t yet switched to a fully automated process, so the opportunity to strengthen interpersonal relationships and to work in harmony with colleagues to drive the work of the department can be hugely beneficial.

So, if you’re considering transforming your accounts payable department by changing your out-of-date, cramped interior to a modern, open-plan layout, consider how the following benefits could revolutionise the work of your team.

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1) Improved Teamwork Within The AP Department

An open-plan office is a perfect vehicle for promoting teamwork; it’s far easier to share a common ethos or to pursue the end goals of a project if you’re working collaboratively in one room, able to pitch and share ideas and discuss approaches to problems.

2) Increased Scope For Shared Learning & Development

Giving colleagues the opportunity to work alongside each other in an open-plan environment increases the chance for the most skilled and promising individuals to earn new opportunities and promotions. It can only be in the entire team’s best interest if the accounts payable best practices that others demonstrate are spotted and lauded by colleagues, and it gives the whole department the chance to learn and grow, improving efficiency in the future.

3) Increased Productivity

Efficiency is one of the most important characteristics of an effective AP team. An open-plan office can facilitate improved communication between colleagues, enable different team members to link up to complete tasks more quickly and accurately and promote a collaborative approach to problem-solving. Tasks can be more equally shared out, especially in times of intense pressure when workload is demanding. Overall efficiency and productivity are likely to soar. Furthermore, colleagues are less likely to become distracted or lose focus on non-work matters in an open plan office – where there is a higher degree of accountability and transparency – than when working in individual cubicles.

4) Better Cohesion Between Different Teams & Departments

An open-plan office breaks down the veil of mystery and secrecy that frequently exists between departments. It’s easier for someone in, say, marketing, to understand what the Accounts Payable team gets up to if it’s going on in front of their eyes in an open plan office – and vice versa. This improves trust, mutual understanding, and solidarity among teams, leading to better cooperation and working relationships. People are more likely to seek out help from colleagues in different teams, to offer assistance, and form friendships – reducing the ‘us and them’ atmosphere that can arise between teams.

Automated Accounts Payable Software

Not only can you give your AP department a lift by switching to an open plan arrangement, but by implementing an automated software solution, such as Statement Matching, you can increase the efficiency of your operation, reduce the number of errors in recording and ensure more timely payments to build positive relationships with your suppliers. Get in touch today to arrange a live demo of our software to see how it could support your business as you create an open-plan office.


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