Any Invoice Format, Any Language - Global Managed Service

Our Automated Data Capture Service is available in all languages, including double byte character sets. Suppliers are able to submit invoices in the format of their choice (einvoicing networks, XML, PDF and Paper) and our Managed Service will deliver data in a single file-format to Invoice-Matching app within 24 hours. Our Managed Service will tailor the business rules and data extraction requirements down to the individual supplier level to ensure we deliver the right data to support your processes. There are no charges for suppliers and we provide a simple per document cost regardless of inbound format and number of line items on the invoice.

Managed Service

Our Automated Data Capture Service accepts invoices in any format of XML, CSV, PDF and paper invoices. We provide an email address for you to forward the invoices you receive from suppliers, so there is no change for the supplier, complete visibility and if you ever move away from our service then it’s easy to switch back if you have control of the mailbox.

Statement Matching

Global Compliance

Our Managed Service delivers all invoice data to Invoice-Matching app to your Cloud ERP or S2P platform within 24 hours. Suppliers can submit invoices via einvoicing network, XML, PDF and paper in any language/format and in compliance with mandates. We capture header and line item data as standard and data extraction can be tailored down to the supplier level at no extra cost.

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As part of the service, we manage the inbound receipt and mapping of electronic invoices and the email inbox used for PDF invoices, including clear communication with suppliers to ensure they submit valid invoices. Invoices can be rejected to suppliers based on rules and urgent, non-invoice related emails can be forwarded to nominated AP users. We will also ensure integrity of the process through end of day checks to make sure all invoices received have been transferred successfully to Invoice-Matching app, in compliance with our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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Customer Service Excellence

Our Service Centre is very much an extension of our customers AP team with communication on a daily basis and regular SLA performance reviews. Our customers have complete visibility of our process, so they can see what’s been received, waiting to be processed and transferred within or outside our SLA’s. We strongly encourage customers and prospective customers to visit the Service Centre to understand and appreciate what we do to get the service right and the role the customer plays to support the process.

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