Invoice-Matching API

Invoice-Matching app works with any Cloud based ERP or S2P solution with an open API. Leveraging the API’s means we can be up and running in days because the Invoice-Matching app works the same way regardless of the target system; integrating with a new API is simply a mapping exercise. It’s so simple that we do not charge any implementation fees, even if it’s an ERP or S2P solution we have not integrated with for a previous customer.

Leveraging the API means Invoice-Matching is able to perform data-checking, line-item matching and automatic postings to your ERP/S2P system in real-time, with no need to replicate data outside your ERP/S2P system.

Invoices will arrive in Invoice-Matching from our Automated Data Capture service within 24 hours of receipt. Invoice-Matching is the Accounts Payable Control Centre that provides visibility and control of documents in a simple-to-use interface.

PO Matching Rules

Invoice-Matching is delivered with a comprehensive set of Matching Rules out of the box and additional matching rules can be added based on customer requirements, at no additional cost.

Matching Rules are applied in a sequence and they can be set globally across all buyers and suppliers or down to a specific buyer/company combination. Tolerance matching based on value and/or percentage enables invoices to be matched within small differences, see example set of Matching Rules below.

Automated Data Capture Graphic

Accounts Payable Control Centre

Invoice-Matching performs line-matching based on rules and automatically transfers matched invoices to your Cloud ERP or S2P system. Accounts Payable users can view the invoice image, invoice header and line item data and Purchase Order information on a single screen.

A log of all the checks and messages are also available as an audit trail, so users can see how the invoice lines have been matched. This example shows invoice lines being matched based on the net amount as the quantities and units of measure on the invoice are different to the Purchase Order.

Automated Data Capture Graphic

Non-PO processing

Invoice-Matching is able to auto-code non-PO invoices and trigger approvals based on rules by vendor. If a vendor is not authorised to submit invoices without a purchase order, Invoice-Matching will automatically reject the invoice back to the supplier via email.

A copy of the rejected invoice is stored, so that if a vendor queries the invoice then Accounts Payable can see when it was rejected and why. Some suppliers can have multiple entries on the PO exempt table, utilities for example where a meter number or account number is the reference that gets used to determine which auto-coding rule should be applied.

Edit Purchase Order Exemption