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Automated Invoice Processing for any Cloud ERP System

Our objective for Invoice Automation is to deliver matched invoices to your Cloud ERP or S2P platform with no intervention by Accounts Payable. The higher the automation rate, the lower the number of exceptions there are to manage. This results in paying more suppliers on time, fewer queries to manage and Accounts Payable can focus on value-add.

Our Managed Service takes supplier invoices from einvoicing networks to meet global mandates, any XML, PDF or Image format then delivers the data to the Invoice-Matching app on the Microsoft Azure Platform within 24 hours. Invoice-Matching utilises API’s and extensive matching rules to match invoice lines to purchase orders and ultimately deliver matched invoices to your Cloud ERP or S2P platform first-time, with no intervention by Accounts Payable. Invoice-Matching also provides automated processeing of exceptions based on rules as well as auto-coding and approval for non-PO invoices based on rules to meet your process requirements.

Statement Matching

How It Works

Invoice Receipt

An email address is provided for you to redirect your existing mailboxes used for invoice submission. Invoices can be any format/layout of XML, CSV, PDF or TIFF, so there is no change for your suppliers. We manage communications back to suppliers based on agreed rules to ensure they submit compliant invoices sucessfully. Our Managed Service takes care of the data extraction, validation and delivery of the invoice data/image to the Invoice-Matching app on Azure. Data is transferred  to Invoice-Matching app within 24 hours.

Matching & Transfer to ERP

Invoice-Matching’s API Connector performs real-time matching of invoice lines to PO’s based on an extensive rule-set to ensure high-volumes of matched invoices are delivered first-time with no touch. A root cause is set for any PO invoice exceptions, triggering subsequent actions, whether that’s resolution in Invoice-Matching or subsequent processing in your Cloud ERP based on existing rules. Automated coding and processing of non-PO invoices and rejections to suppliers based on rules is also available as standard.

Continuous Improvement

Analysis of the reporting data post Go Live enables us to work with clients to identify opportunities to increase automation rates. The quick wins are those that require no change ffrom vendors or business users. We also provide advice to clients on where they could optimise other areas of the Procure to Pay process to further streamline the process. All customers who participate in continuous improvement achieve significant increases in efficiency and we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to reference customers.

Automating the receipt, matching and delivery of supplier invoices to your Cloud ERP system leaves Accounts Payable with only the exceptions to manage.

Invoice-Matching is a Connect & Go Service and we strive to deliver the highest automation rates possible, but we see Go Live as only the start of the journey. We work with customers on a continuous improvement basis to increase their automation rates based on analysis of real data post Go Live. Our 20+ years of practical experience and know-how around invoice automation are built into Invoice-Matching as standard and we continually improve our offering based on input from our customers as part of post Go Live continuous imprrovement.

Software on its own does not deliver Automated Invoice Processing; it’s about working with a partner, who has the experience and long-term commitment to ensure your invoice automation  expectations in the business case are acheived. Our commercial model is based on annual subscription over 12, 24 or 36 month terms. We do not charge for the POC or implementation to go live, so we have skin in the game to make sure customers achieve their goals and we are with you for the journey.

And it really is a journey, we welcome the opportunity to book a live demo to show the end-to-end process on live systems. We are also happy to arrange customer references to hear first-hand of their experience working with us.

Invoice Overview