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Prevent Duplicates at the Earliest Opportunity

Duplicate-Matching provides assurance that duplicate invoices are identified and resolved at the earliest opportunity to prevent suppliers ever being paid twice. Duplicate-Matching also identifies historic duplicate payments and provides a process to manage recovery. We also have managed service options where we take care of the historic duplicate recovery as a one off exercise and leave your Accounts Payable team to focus on prevention. The combination of Duplicate-Matching and Statement-Matching provides World-Class financial assurance controls to maximize the P&L and raise the profile of Accounts Payable with the CFO.

Duplicate-Matching uses the same dataset as Statement-Matching, so users can login into the platform and access both modules with no additional setup required on your side.

Duplicate-Matching reports are updated on a daily basis and the process for Accounts Payable is to review the potential duplicates that hit your ERP system yesterday and either dismiss if it’s not a duplicate or take the necessary actions to prevent the invoice from being paid.

Duplicate Matching

How It Works

Daily Duplicate Reports

Suite of reports delivered as standard and new reports easily configured. Best practice is to run the daily reports to identify duplicates created the previous day, giving users plenty of time to resolve the issue long before the due date for payment.

Recovery Worklists

In the event duplicate payments need to be recovered from the supplier, Duplicate-Matching provides a task and workflow process to manage the claim with the supplier. Once a Claim is open then it will be managed by users via recovery worklists to ensure it’s resolved with the supplier.


Dashboard to measure the value of duplicates prevented and recovered. Visibility of open claims and the value to prioritise recovery process. Root cause errors are recorded for all duplicates to identify consistent issues and drive continuous improvement to controls to reduce future duplicate risks.

Never Miss a Duplicate

Automating duplicate identification and providing a process to manage prevention and recovery ensures duplicates are always resolved.

Duplicate-Matching is simple to implement, all we need is some invoice header and supplier data from your ERP system. If you are using a Cloud ERP or S2P system then we can get the data via the API’s. If your ERP system is On-Prem then we provide a data requirements specification for your IT team to create a simple data extract routine. We have customers providing data from every ERP system you can think of and we are not writing anything back, so it’s an integration-lite solution from an IT perspective.

Once we have data from your production system, we will have Duplicate-Matching up and running, ready to give you training in 7 – 10 days. There is no implementation cost for Duplicate-Matching, we provide all the training and hand-holding you need until it’s signed off for BAU. Our commercial model is based on annual subscription over 12, 24 or 36 month terms. We do not charge for the POC or implementation to go live, so we have skin in the game to make sure customers achieve their goals and we are with you for the journey.

We also offer a free Proof of Concept to try the Duplicate-Matching using your data as part of due diligence and evaluation to support your business case. See Pricing page for more details.

We would also welcome the opportunity to introduce you to existing customers to reference the benefits they’ve achieved with the platform.

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