Wouldn’t it be good if there was an easier way to make reconciliation of your supplier statements quicker and more accurate? Reconciliation can be time-consuming and error-prone, and all too often it’s a reactive rather than proactive process. Late payments, duplicate invoices and payment chasing cause inefficiencies and can even disrupt business continuity in the AP department. However, by using an automated statement reconciliation system, such as Statement-Matching.com, you can turn statement reconciliation into a regular, reliable, and proactive process, resolving errors early and maintaining an on-time payment schedule.

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Statement-Matching.com Offers A Tool That Automates Reconciliation With Speed And Precision. 

So how does it work? The easiest way to find out how Statement-Matching.com can help with your reconciliation process is to see for yourself. Our Proof of Concept lets you try out the full features of our platform with your own live account data. You can learn about the benefits of Statement-Matching.com for your Accounts Payable operations free of charge and with no contractual obligation. 

The first step is to download our new Proof of Concept Guide.

What’s In The Proof Of Concept Guide?

Our short Proof of Concept Guide introduces you to the benefits of Statement-Matching.com and shows you what you need to do to arrange a Proof of Concept with your own data. It also explains what you need to do to get started, helps with some common questions and directs you towards further assistance.

A Proof of Concept is the perfect way to see how our software can work for your business. Our guide explains the efficiency savings you can expect to see for your Accounts Payable team: more accurate ledgers, more timely payments, reduced supply problems and the release of GRNI back to profit. Our Proof of Concept Guide shows how to get started with your free trial so you can see the effect of these KPIs on your own AP data.

What Do I Need To Do Next?

Once you’ve downloaded the Proof of Concept Guide, you’ll see that it outlines the three simple stages you’ll go through to try out Statement-Matching.com. First, you need to send us some sample invoice data from your ERP system. Statement-Matching.com works with any ERP, including SAP, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility. We’ll also guide you through export formats to make sure you have your data in order. Then you’ll receive a free online training session from one of our experts, along with follow-up calls to answer any further questions you may have. Finally, in your own time, you can evaluate Statement-Matching.com using your own data, as well as feed back to us with any questions you still have.

Next Steps

The Proof of Concept process is completely free, with full access to all the software’s premium features. You are under no obligation to buy at the end of it although we’re confident you’ll find Statement-Matching.com a valuable prospect. Our Proof of Concept Guide contains more information about the process as well as answers to some common questions about data provision, software and formats. 

To find out more, please [click here] to claim your free copy of the guide or call our support team on 01536 262646 with any questions.