Accounts Payable (AP) teams face many challenges if they don’t adopt automatic statement reconciliation software such as – one of which is managing the constant stream of phone and email enquiries from vendors seeking updates about payment dates. When your team is under pressure to process high volumes of statements and meet tight payment deadlines, any distractions can be frustrating as they cause delays and increase the risk of mistakes being made.

Book A Live Demo can help remedy the problem by allowing automated reconciliation reports to be sent by email to vendors.


The Benefits Of Emailed Vendor Reconciliation Reports:


1. Reduce the time spent manually responding to routine enquiries

Reconciliation reports can be easily downloaded from to the chosen vendor. As vendors will always be kept in the loop, they won’t need to phone or email your AP team as frequently to enquire about when payments will be settled, freeing up your staff to focus on more beneficial tasks.


2. Build relationships of trust and credibility with vendors

Positive relationships with vendors are critical to secure profitable long-term transactions and preferential rates, but when suppliers feel that they’re not being kept informed about the status of their accounts, relations can sour. provides a transparent interface for vendors to see the status of their invoices at any time, helping to build two-way trust and credibility in the business relationship.


3. Produce comprehensive audit reports makes it easy to produce detailed audit reports for your business’s internal financial controls and external audit. The report provides totals for statements, balances, and payment information.

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