Statement-Matching works with any ERP system, from market-leaders like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft through to small accounting packages like Sage and even old-school AS400 and mainframe applications!

Back to the point of the article, SAP is ranked No. 1 by revenue in Gartner’s “Market Share Analysis: ERP Software, Worldwide, 2018” report for the second year running. The founders of all have a long history working with SAP customers, so the first thing we did on launch of Statement-Matching was develop a custom report for SAP to extract the required invoice header and vendor master data.

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How Does The Process Work?

Our custom report for SAP is provided as a transport for import into the SAP Dev environment through the landscape into production following SAP standard transport methodologies. Sample files are usually output from Dev and Test systems with validation from the Statement-Matching team as test evidence before the report goes into Production. Once the report is in production, the ‘Initial Data’ extract, containing all open items and up to six months paid items will be provided to the Statement-Matching team for import as the base dataset. The report is then setup to run in batch on a daily basis – typically overnight – and the daily file will contain new and changed documents from the previous day. The daily files will be output from SAP automatically and pushed to an FTP account (SFTP or FTPS), so there is no human intervention to stay in synch.

Why Use Statement Matching?

Not only was Statement-Matching the first-mover in the market-place for automated supplier statement reconciliation software, but it also works out of the box with SAP and is by the far the leading vendor in terms of customer numbers and functionality. Not having to get your SAP team to develop the data extract report is no small thing in the SAP world – as any SAP users can attest, it can be really quite difficult to get seemingly simple things done in SAP!

We are so confident of the benefits to our customers that we offer 30-day rolling contracts with no minimum term. Not only this, but the 4-week proof of concept and set-up we offer is completely free, thus giving you a chance to get a feel for what we offer before making a decision.

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If you’d like to see how compatible Statement-Matching is with an SAP ERP system, contact Statement-Matching today to book a live demo by a member of Statement Matching’s expert team and they will explain how it all works with SAP as part of the session. Why wait to reap the benefits of proactive supplier statement reconciliation?

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