At Statement-Matching we are very happy to announce the release of our brand-new Proactive Accounts Payable Guide. If you’re tired of dealing with supplier queries chasing you for payment and invoice status updates, but don’t have time to reconcile hundreds of statements every month then Statement-Matching is the software for you.

Download The Proactive Accounts Payable Guide
Our system automate supplier statement reconciliation, allowing you to focus on the statements that really need your attention.

Accounts Payable departments are weighed down with statements, so getting through a meaningful volume of them is very hard on a day by day basis. Statements pile up, deadlines are missed, and suppliers reach out to find out where their payment is – all due to the painstakingly slow nature of manual statement reconciliation.

This free guide covers how the software can speed up the reconciliation process and make your life in Accounts Payable much easier. We go into detail on the day-to-day struggles of Accounts Payable departments, the most common problems that occur with manual reconciliation, how automating the process can help you, and what exactly you get with your software package.

At Statement-Matching, we designed our software specifically for Accounts Payable processes. We understand the issues that crop up, so we’ve created our system just for the problems that you’ll be dealing with when reconciling statements. You’ll see how we automate Excel, PDF and Paper statements, provide reconciliation reports that you can share with suppliers and even a portal for suppliers to view invoice status and upload their own statements, thereby significantly reducing supplier queries.

To learn how Statement-Matching software can help to transform your Accounts Payable processes, download your copy of our free Proactive Accounts Payable Guide here.

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