When you make the decision to innovate in business, it’s vital to ensure that you’re not rushing into an untested solution. All new ideas, particularly those that require a financial commitment, should be tested first with a Proof of Concept (POC). This will demonstrate the product’s feasibility and suitability and provide evidence for stakeholders that it is worth the investment.

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How A Statement-Matching.com POC Can Benefit Your Business

At Statement-Matching.com, our Proof of Concept is the perfect way to find out more about our leading Accounts Payable (AP) platform, particularly how it can be embedded into your business’s daily operations.

By taking advantage of a POC, you can critically evaluate the platform without being committed to long-term fees, enabling you to make an informed decision whether Statement-Matching.com is the solution that your AP team needs. We deliver full flexibility in our POCs, so you can evaluate the platform as many times as you need during the evaluation period to gain a detailed insight into its benefits, rather than feeling forced to make a rushed decision.

How To Take Part In Our POC

  1. Extract invoice data from up to 10 suppliers into Excel from your ERP, along with the corresponding statements, and send it to Statement-Matching.com.
  2. Our POC specialist team will provide a one-hour Webex training session for your AP staff, which you undertake in the comfort of your office at a time to suit. We then provide follow-up phone calls to answer enquiries or address concerns.
  3. Use the POC to evaluate the platform. You will be able to explore Statement-Matching.com using your own business data, so you can see the benefits for yourself, and our POC team will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Contact Us To Arrange Your Statement-Matching.Com POC

If you would like to see how Statement-Matching.com could benefit your AP processes, please contact us at poc@statement-matching.com. We can also arrange a live demonstration of our platform to give our customers the best insight and chance to evaluate the product before deciding to purchase.