is a browser-based vendor statement reconciliation tool designed to alleviate AP teams of the burdens of manual statement processing and reconciliation.

Many Accounts Payable (AP) issues occur because of tight processing deadlines and a high volume of laborious manual tasks, such as manual reconciliation of supplier statements and tracking expectations in excel. These manual AP methods can make it challenging to control cost and time expenditure on routine tasks, protect relationships with suppliers, and analyse your department’s productivity.


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In what ways could implementing benefit your department’s working practices?


Process Higher Volumes Of Statements, Faster empowers AP teams to process higher volumes of supplier statements in a shorter time. With manual processing, there is the ever-present risk of a backlog building up, putting staff under pressure to get through their workload more quickly, leading to errors and exceptions. By implementing an automated solution like, Excel, PDF, and paper statements can be automatically uploaded and reconciled, increasing throughput and allowing staff to focus on more value-driven tasks that require individual input.


Improve Accuracy, Highlight Missing Data automatically matches the invoices referenced on supplier statements to the invoice data on AP ledgers, saving staff considerable time to complete the task manually. Documents will be automatically highlighted whether they are:


  • Matched
  • Missing
  • On the ledger but missing from the statement
  • Matched with data errors


Flexibility For Suppliers supports all types of statements, including PDF and Excel attachments sent by email, which can be forwarded to an email address for automatic uploaded into Statement-Matching.

For additional convenience and time savings, you may wish to consider our managed vendor statement reconciliation service. You simply send the statements to us, and our managed service team will reconcile the statements, follow up missing invoices/credits with suppliers and provide error reports to your AP team to fix on the ERP system.


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