is a cloud-based system for reconciling supplier statements. It facilitates the fast and reliable processing of high volumes of statements, allowing Accounts Payable (AP) teams to focus on the exceptions. Done proactively, reconciling statements will improvement payment on time, as well as the accuracy of ledgers, reduces supplier queries and supports the release of GRNI back to profit. 

To get the idea of our platform, we encourage customers to try out with their own data, in a Proof of Concept assessment. Our POC is free and lets you try out all the features of the premium product. By seeing our software in action first-hand, you can gain confidence that it will work for your team and with your data, and deliver the operational benefits you need.

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What’s Included In The POC Process?

We don’t believe in cutting corners with our POC. We understand that you need to get a clear picture of how our software works in order to make an informed choice about subscribing. Our POC allows you to evaluate the platform with your own business data. And we’ll refresh it as often as you like so you can get a full idea of how it’s working.

To get your team started and up to speed quickly, we provide initial training. After 3-5 days, we’ll offer a follow-up training session to make sure the system is properly set up and working properly. You can also call our support team whenever you need to, for fast resolution of issues and discussion. You’ll receive a demonstration of the different functions offered by, which you can explore at your own pace. 

What Does The POC Cost?’s POC is entirely free of charge and there’s no obligation to buy. We’ll give you all the support required and after its conclusion, we’ll be happy to discuss any further questions or concerns you may have. Having worked with the platform, if you then feel that it meets your requirements, you can continue to use it with a subscription fee.

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