Welcome to APMatching

APMatching brings together Statement-Matching, Invoice-Matching and Duplicate-Matching, unifying the websites for these three complementary SaaS platforms under a single brand.

This creates a single point of access to software automation technology designed to take care of a significant amount of the heavy lifting performed by the Accounts Payable function within large organisations.

We have brought these three separate products together, uniting their powerful enterprise accounts payable automation capabilities, centralising them in one place. We are very excited and optimistic about what the future holds as we move forward with our existing enterprise clients and continue to add others as we grow our business.

Sometimes, rationalising a technology services portfolio may be a response to changes in the operating environment. However, our decision to bring these services under one roof isn’t related to any shift in the market. The rationale behind the business case for deploying Accounts Payable automation software remains rock-solid. APMatching simplifies the repetitive tasks associated with a manual approach to statement matching and its related dependencies.

Automated and in the cloud

Our enterprise customers typically process 80,000 – 1,500,000+ documents per annum. APMatching simplifies the processing of high volumes of invoices and statements with elegant cloud computing solutions.

Invoice-Matching automates the processing of invoices through any ERP or S2P platform. Intelligent issue resolution with business users and suppliers delivers a truly touchless process for Accounts Payable. Once again, this is a no-touch process, from receipt of invoice to posting on the ledger.

Statement-Matching automates the reconciliation of supplier statements. From end-to-end, there is simply no need for the AP team to manually intervene in the process. It is format agnostic – it works with all digital formats such as Excel and PDF, as well as paper hard copies.

Duplicate-Matching automates the identification of duplicate invoices. Along with customised reporting, it allows for better management of the prevention and recovery process. This solution uses the same dataset as Statement-Matching, enabling instant deployment for subscribed users.

Take The First Steps to Transforming Your Accounts Payable Function with APMatching

Adopting new technology that is of fundamental importance to the operation of your Accounts Payable function requires careful consideration. It’s not a decision that you make in haste or take lightly.

As a first step, to help you see what APMatching does and how it works we really encourage you to have a personalised demo with one of our representatives.

A really useful second step is to try out APMatching with your own data, in a Proof of Concept (PoC) assessment. We provide initial training and all the follow-up support from our side that is required to help your team thoroughly evaluate the capability of the software. Our support team is on hand whenever you need a fast resolution to an issue or just need to have a discussion.

On our continuing journey we look forward to helping all our existing clients, and those we are soon to signup, to make lighter work of Accounts Payable and to deliver more value to the business.