’s Proof of Concept is the ideal way to get to know the market leading software platform. By trying it out with your own business data, you and your team will be able to get a proper idea of how our tool functions as well as hands-on experience of its time and efficiency savings. 

Our POC is free to try and you’re under no obligation to buy. So what do you need to provide to get up and running? We’ve compiled this handy checklist.

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Required Data

In order to have relevant data to work with and so that you can see how it works for your own organisation, we’ll need you to extract the required data from your ERP system(s) and any add-ons you use where invoices might sit prior to hitting the ledger. You don’t need IT resource for this as anyone in AP doing supplier recs manually will be able to get sufficient data for the POC. You can provide data for up to 10 suppliers in Excel along with the corresponding statements (PDF or Excel). We will refresh the data as many times as you like during the POC.

The files should contain all your open (unpaid) invoices and credits as well as all cleared (paid) invoices and credits for the last 3-6 months. The best way to get these to us is simply to email them. If you’re already completing statement reconciliations in Excel, we recommend you send us a sample file for one vendor to start with. That way we can review and validate the data format before you process the rest for export.

Your data export should have the following fields: 

  • ERP document number 
  • supplier number 
  • invoice date
  • invoice number
  • invoice amount
  • invoice/credit 
  • status
  • paid date
  • currency 

You can also find this list, along with more details, in our downloadable POC Guide.

What Else Do I Need To Do?

Once you’ve sent off your sample data, you’re ready to start the POC. There’s no need to download any software as the platform is cloud-based and accessible via any browser. Once set up, we’ll be in touch to arrange your training sessions. And, of course, we’ll be available for support throughout the POC to assist with any problems or queries.

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